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Jennifer Egan – A Visit from the Goon Squad

11 Gen

And La Doll had a vision: broad, translucent trays of oil and water suspended beneath small brightly colored spotlights whose heat would make the opposing liquids twist and bubble and swirl. She’d imagined people craning their necks to look up, spellbound by the shifting liquid shapes. And they did look up. They marveled at the lit trays; La Doll saw them do it from a small booth she’d had constructed high up and to one side so she could view the panorama of her achievement. From there, she was the first to notive, as midnight approached, that something was awry with the translucent trays that held the water and the oil: they were sagging a little – were there? They were slumping like sacks from their chains and melting, in other words. And then they began to collapse, flop and drape and fall away, sending scalding oil onto the heads of every glamorous person in the country and some other countries, too.

Jennifer Egan
A Visit from the Goon Squad



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