Super sad true love story, Gary Shteyngart

7 Gen

Lenny! You are not going to screw this up. You have been given a chance to help the most beautiful woman in the world. You must be good, Lenny. You must not think of yourself at all. Only of this little creature before you. Then you will be helped in turn. If you don’t pull this off, if you hurt this poor girl in any way, you will not be worthy of immortality. But if you harness her warm little body to yours and make her smile, if you show her that adult love can overcome childhood pain, then both of you will be shown the kingdom. Joshie may slam the door on you, may watch your heartbeat shutter to a stop in some public hospital bed, but how could anyone deny Eunice Park? How could any god wish her less than eternal youth?

Gary Shteyngart, Super sad true love story

In bocca al lupo a Guanda, non riesco a immaginare come si potrà tradurre questo splendido libro.
E ci piazzo pure il geniale booktrailer.



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